A podcast exploring all things sex, love and relationships. Your hosts are relationship and intimacy coach Nic Tovey and Sexologist Stephanie Curtis. Nic and Stephanie are experts in their fields and they also happen to be deeply in love and in a committed relationship. So not only do you get to share in their wisdom, you also get an insight to the joys and challenges they navigate in their own personal experiences. You can learn more about Nic Tovey at http://www.nictovey.com

#Episode One-An Introduction to Us, Nic & Steph: In this first episode, you get to meet your hosts Nic Tovey and Stephanie Curtis, to learn a bit about who they are, what they do, and why they do it. Listen Here or on iTunes 

#Episode Two-Healthy Communication in Relationships: In this episode, Nic and Stephanie discuss the all too crucial foundation of healthy, happy relationships; Communication. Listen Here or on iTunes 

#Episode Three- Periods, PMS & Relationships: In this episode Nic and Stephanie delve into a topic that is not often explored publicly-menstruation. The conversation meanders through all things being a woman and being in a relationship with a woman through her cycle. Listen Here or on iTunes. 

#Episode Four- Desire Discrepancy in Relationship: In this episode, Nic and Stephanie discuss a very common issue that many couples experience, a discrepancy in the level of sexual desire. They offer some of their own experiences with this and some solutions also. Listen Here or on iTunes.

#Episode Five- Designing a Conscious Relationship: Many of us today are seeking a relationship that has it all; that provides, fulfilment, companionship, safety, mutuality, passion and amazing sex. That’s a BIG ask! And it is possible. We CAN have it all, but it takes a willingness to do the work, both individually and as a couple, to co-create the relationship you desire. In this episode we give our suggestions of what works for us and what we suggest to our clients. Listen Here or on iTunes. 

#Episode 6- Sexual Co-dependance: In this episode we discuss a trap that we can all fall into and which occurs in most relationships at one time or another, sexual co-dependance. We also discuss compulsive sexual behaviour and addiction. This is a spicy one! Listen Here or on iTunes.

#Episode 7- Relationships Endings & New Beginnings: In this episode we go deep into a vulnerable sharing on our relationship journey over the past year. As 2020 has been a hugely challenging year for so many, for us it has meant a dismantling of our old way of being in relationship in order to make way for the new with lots of gold harvested during this process. Listen Here or on iTunes.

#Episode 8- Navigating Trauma in Relationship: In this episode we go a bit deep and dark and discuss the complexities of how trauma can show up in our intimate relationships. We share some of our own experiences and how we have learned to deal with them, and offer some tips to be with your own and each other’s trauma. Listen here, on Spotify or on iTunes