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Stephanie Curtis is a Certified Sexologist with a passion for all aspects of sexuality, personal growth & relationships. Her journey has been one of deep inner work in the realms of sexuality, self-love & relationships, taking her to different places around the world to study with teachers well known in the conscious sexuality field. These experiences, alongside her academic education in Human Sexuality & Nursing, allow Stephanie to bring a depth of understanding, compassion and wisdom to her work. Stephanie’s grounded and warm nature, along with her open minded attitude makes her a perfect practitioner for all individuals to dive into the realms of sexuality & relationships with. 


Areas of Interest & Expertise:

-Embodiment & Sexual Empowerment for Men & Women

-Emotional Health & Wellbeing for a Fulfilling Sexual Life

-Tantra for Singles & Couples

-Communication Skills in Intimate Relationships

-Male Sexual Challenges such as Premature Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction

-Youth Relationship & Sexuality Education



-Graduate Diploma in Sexology, Curtin University, 2017 

-Bachelor of Nursing, Southern Cross University, 2014

-Level 1 Tribal Tantra Practitioner Training, 2019 

-ASHM: Fundamentals of HIV & Sexual Health 2016; Short Course in Sexual Health Nursing 2015 

-International School of Temple Arts Level 1 & 2 Trainings, 2016-2019


What people have said about Stephanie’s work:

“I wanted to say thank you Stephanie. My partner and I are in an awesome place. We have a girlfriend we are seeing, and my partner also has a boyfriend. I am exploring myself more and seeing nice subtle changes. Our session together helped me so much, please keep doing the awesome work you are” -James 

“I started my Sensual Self course not being entirely sure why I was called to focus on this aspect of my life at that time. Stephanie provided a safe and warm space to discuss and identify my goals and then provided a comfortable and individualised direction for my course to take. Over the six weeks of sessions we focused on many things including; my connection to my physical body, self-respect and self-love, self pleasure work, healthy boundary setting, and techniques and advice for engaging with a lover. She tailored the program to suit my needs, whilst still working towards the goals set at the beginning of the course. I finished my program seeing tangible progress in my behaviour, safety and self-respect in both my individual and shared intimate spaces.

Stephanie is a wonderful coach and teacher. I would trust her to guide anyone through any aspect of their sensual self and relationship based lives. This course would work well alongside with any other therapy you might be having, as it focuses on less commonly explored topics related to the self, sexuality, relationships, intimacy and sex.

I highly recommend this course to everyone and if you have even the smallest thought that you might want to sign up, I would say to you…absolutely DO IT!” -Katie