Life Skills for Young People

I just had an encounter with a group of teenage boys no older than 16 and am left with a heavy heart and a fiery rage in the pit of my stomach. Without going into huge detail, one of them made demeaning comments about his mum and also said something to me along the lines of me getting my job for “probably sucking dick.” All of them laughed and continued to make remarks as they walked away. Before I could say anything, they had left and I feel deeply saddened knowing that with the current way of the world, the chances of them changing their ways are slim.

I am deeply affected by this because, as well as being horribly disrespectful towards women (some of whom may not have the awareness to know that this is completely unacceptable behaviour) these young men were once pure, loving children with beautiful natures and the universal yearning to connect. Somewhere along the way they have been made to believe that this is normal behaviour. How the hell did we get to a point where blatant disrespect towards others is normalised!?

I can sit around blaming porn, parents, schools and governments which quite frankly is just exhausting. Or I can get off my ass and do something about it…

I have such a passion for changing the way young people are taught about developing healthy relationships, communication, boundaries, emotions and sexuality. I know that we have a long way to go however I believe in taking whatever steps I can to spread the wisdom & tools I have learnt throughout my personal journey to young people so they can be better equipped to navigate this intense and crazy adventure called life.

In the New Year, I will be co-creating a workshop in Sydney with my equally passionate man for young people to teach them tools & skills that will better equip them to walk through life, love and relationships with greater self-acceptance & confidence whilst having greater respect for others.

I am so excited to transmute this sadness and rage into a service that I dream will bring about amazing changes to others lives.

Stay tuned…

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