Food + Sex

Whilst preparing a fruit salad the other day, I was totally mesmerised cutting up the fruit, noticing how beautifully vibrant it was, with the many colours and textures so delightful to my eyes and fingertips. 

I posted a photo to social media of some vulva-reminiscent strawberries asking if I was the only person to find fruit sexy. I got a heap of comments from people agreeing that there is nothing sexier than a piece of nature’s sweet juicy goodness. As well as feeling grateful for knowing kinky people who see fruit the same way I do, it was obvious to me that there is something incredibly erotic about food that I am sure so many people are curious about exploring.

A while back a friend showed me a documentary series exploring a range of different sexual quirks and fetishes happening behind closed doors. I recall my absolute joy watching a couple who were involved in an activity called sploshing, a fetish I would simply describe as erotic food fighting.  

Sploshing, also known as Wet and Messy fetish, is a form of sexual fetishism whereby a person becomes aroused when copious amounts of a substance are applied to the naked skin, face, or to clothing. Sploshing can involve playing with a range of different ingredients, with many foods such as custard, soda, chocolate sauce and ice cream commonly used. As well as food, sploshing can also involve substances such as lubricant, mud, paint, oil and lotion.

Sensation play is a large appeal with sploshing, with the textures of the food or substances used throughout creating a unique sensory experience. The visual aspect of this fetish is also a source of turn on for a lot of people involved, especially when substances of different colours and consistencies are applied to one’s body.

The couple in the documentary used only food during their sploshing experience, with a smorgasbord full of delectable desserts laid out on a large table ready to be used. They then took to pouring the food over each other in between kissing and rubbing up against each other, with a playfulness that was so infectious I was in hysterics.

Here are some of my favourite quotes;

“Vanilla pudding feels like sugary silk in my hand”

“When she hits me with the cherries, it feels cool and I get excited”

“Where am I going to put the chocolate sauce? Am I going to put it on her head, is it going to drizzle down her breast? I don’t know…”

I love how inventive people can be with sex and I really admire those who claim their fetishes proudly. In a world of comparison and judgemental projections for being anything other than “normal” it is amazing to see people who show the world what turns them on.

Despite it being so unusual in societal standards, I found it so entertaining to watch and really honoured their willingness to reveal their quirky fetish. 

Incorporating food into your sex life does not have to mean you go out and buy gallons of custard and cream to pour over your partner (Though I encourage you to do this if that is your desire!). A session of being bound and blind folded as your partner feeds you a course of unknown fruits & sweets can be the sexiest and most seductive experience. With your eyes shut, a piece of mango is likened to an orgasm (Thank you Jena la Flamme for introducing me to that one!).

When playing with food, it is important to use certain precautions to avoid any nasty consequences. I would recommend wearing underwear if a copious amount of food is being used as well as being aware that the pH balance in a woman’s vagina is easily disrupted by certain substances-so if in doubt, avoid this area altogether. Besides, there are plenty more erogenous zones all over the body waiting to be tantalised with a tongue.

Intimacy and eating are both extremely pleasurable parts of our lives-combining the two naturally equates to a feast like no other! 

I’d really love to see more curiosity and willingness to experiment with sexuality and intimacy in peoples lives. There’s a whole world of sexual possibilities if we dare to step into it and open our minds. Food+Sex just may be your ticket to this delightful world…


Photo Credit: Hello Miss Photographer 

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